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Written by Graeme on Friday, April 15th, 2022

No tips yesterday. It was a day with quite a few upsets such as the Red Wings beating the Canes, and the Knights destroying the Flames. Also the Leafs only conceded 3.

We’re just two weeks away now from the end of the regular season and I can’t wait. I really don’t expect many tips at all from us until the playoffs begin. It’s amazing looking at betting reaction threads right now and seeing people losing their minds over the “Canes costing them a 6 game parlay” or even just the Canes costing them a big bet. I can’t imagine betting a parlay at this point of the season unless I hated money.

Most teams just don’t seem to have the drive. On the bright side, with less analysis being required it’s allowed me to get up to date on all the Ontario igaming stuff.

You won’t see much difference from your end. If you’re in Ontario you’ll only see regulated sportsbooks from here on out. The only addition is in the best odds, along with listing Canada, USA and Everywhere Else, we’ll also list Ontario.

Two games tonight.

Canadiens vs Islanders

Islanders were my team to back but I’m a tad concerned with their last few results. Even a win over the Hurricanes doesn’t mean much at this stage.

The odds on them aren’t too bad. I’m seeing about 1.70 for incl OT/SO.

Don’t hate a speculative bet on them on a regulation win here. Simply because the Habs are terrible, they’re good at beating up the terrible teams, and they do seem to be playing with a fair bit of pride.

Their road record isn’t great but if I were betting this one, I’d gamble on them taking it in reg.

Panthers vs Jets

Panthers are still going strong. Just two in regulation losses since March began, and that was to the Knights and The Leafs.

They look to keep the winning run going against a Jets team who can be quite randomly tricky at times.

You would have to bet -1.5 to have any value and against the Jets – man I wouldn’t even bet incl OT/SO.

These two had a tight one back in January where the Panthers won.

I do think that Florida get the W here. They have the winning streak going so that gives them something to play for.

Jets have Wheeler back tonight and the mood in their camp seems to be pretty good so I’d be cautious about this one.

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Author: Kim Brooks