No More Tips Until the 2022 Playoffs –

Written by Graeme on Wednesday, April 27th, 2022

Hi everyone,

With the regular season winding up, we’ve decided to wrap things up for now from a betting perspective, and turn our attention to preparing for the NHL playoffs. We have did this the past few seasons and it allows us that extra time to focus.

This past month has just been a bit of a drag and our hearts aren’t in it as much. Just so many games where the results don’t really matter etc and you can see that in teams efforts at times.

The NHL playoffs will begin on May 2nd.

As per usual – we will begin the playoffs by predicting each series. Following the Game 1s, we will then do daily betting tips covering each Game 2 onwards.

We will provide our own betting tips and thoughts, not discussing with each other at all. It’s something we have found very beneficial over the last few years to do so, as it allows us a lot of freedom. In previous years there were a lot less picks because with so few games, it was hard to always agree on things. Especially as we got late into the playoffs.

so enjoy the last few days of the regular season. We’ll be back on Sunday most likely, to cover the first NHL playoff series. Looking forward to it.

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Author: Kim Brooks